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Welcome to the Convergent Theories WebSite where Legitimate Scientific Theories Focusing on the Convergence of the Various Observations & Predictions Spanning this Unique time in History, and unique Theories, can be Openly Discussed and Examined by Anyone Interested in Participating.

Register as a Member to this Gateway WebSite Area for General Public Access & Theories Blogs, and Register Additionally as a Forum Member, in the Forum Area, to Participate in the Open, General Discussion, of the Various Convergent Theory Topics, to Post & Reply to the Forums WebSite Area. 

Topics will be Grouped into Basic Areas for Open Discussion, so Please Familiarize Yourself with the Forums when Adding Topics to Avoid Duplicate Subject Postings.  Any Topics that do not Exist Already can be Posted in the "New Topics" Area so the Moderators can Add the Topic to the Site Structure for Open Discussion.

Please Refrain from Abusive and/or Inappropriate Postings as these Replies will be Deleted and May Lead to Banishment from the Site by the Member, so Keep Civil During these Potentially Charged Discussions Folks! 

Thank you for Participating with us in Examining the Most Interesting Time Period in History!

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